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This is BLOODY AMAZING! Crickets recorded and slowed down sounds like a very eerie but real human choir

Tom Waits (on Jim Wilson): “Wilson, he’s always playing with time. I heard a recording recently of crickets slowed way down. It sounds like a choir, it sounds like angel music. Something sparkling, celestial with full harmony and bass parts - you wouldn’t believe it. It’s like a sweeping chorus of heaven, and it’s just slowed down, they didn’t manipulate the tape at all. So I think when Wilson slows people down, it gives you a chance to watch them moving through space. And there’s something to be said for slowing down the world.”

Source: “Woyzeck to run at Freud Playhouse”. Daily Bruin (USA), by Andrew Lee. December 3, 2002

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The Solar Taxi remix of ‘Your Mountains’ from katie kim. It’s a free download as part of ‘The Feast' single which includes remixes from her incredible 'Cover and Flood' Album.

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